What Do You Know About Menopause?

It's when your period stops right? Well technically yes, but the time before that, Peri-Menopause, can last for 2-10 years and the symptoms can have a massive effect on your life

This program will give you an overview of what happens during Peri Menopause, the long-term health concerns Post Menopause, lifestyle impacts, practical tips and solutions and helpful resources as a first step to help you understand and manage this ‘transition’.

Women now spend a third of their lives Post Menopause

Time to take control and Thrive on the Other Side

This Program will Answer Your Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Happens and Why?
  • When will my menopause start?
  • How long does it last?
  • Why am I gaining weight?
  • Why am I more anxious?
  • What's happening to my memory?
  • What is Peri-menopause?
  • How do I treat menopause symptoms?

Course Features

  • What you can eat to reduce symptoms
  • What ALL the symptoms are
  • Ways to combat the long-term health risks
  • How our lifestyle impacts us & what you can do
  • Getting the best from your doctor
  • The effects of external toxins
  • Why gut health is important for our hormones
  • Ways to manage the top 5 symptoms
  • Guide to HRT & Alternative treatments
  • Resources & Recommended reading


Downloads such as Brain Boost Guide, Eat the Rainbow, Doctors Appointment Checklist, Hot Flush Cookbook, Sleep Assessment & more

Hi, I'm Rebecca

I'm a Menopause Coach, Nutritional Therapist and qualified Personal Trainer

From my own personal experience of hitting peri-menopause with no idea what was happening or what to expect

To my PT clients talking to me about changes they were going through that they didn’t understand I realised that this was a subject that as women and as a society we needed to bring out into the open

Education is vital for us to navigate this transition period and that is my passion and goal, to help women take control through knowledge and feel empowered about this next chapter of their lives


Live your life Empowered

Thrive on the Other Side

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" Really helpful and kept me engaged the whole way through, feel more empowered by this stage of my life now – Lisa"

" I learned so much, how do we not know any of this? A must for every woman - Shona"

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